Sunday, March 29, 2020

A New Paperie

I’m giving up exclusively dedicating my blog Close to My Heart Products.  I enjoy using products from a variety of places.  After 14 years It’s time for me to wave a Heartfelt goodbye as I go crafting in La La Land.  I’m going to explore with Whimsy, look over my Picket Fence to see what my neighbors are doing with their Lawn Fawns.

I’ll be exploring new ways to create with my stash, once I get everything organized, while I Waffle over what to keep and what to place in my Memory Box, but there will always be an Echo of the past as I Distress my creations trying to staying Neat not Tangled as I move forward.

Close to My Heart is a lovely company with many great products.  I’ll still continue to buy & use CTMH, but I will no longer commit to crafting exclusively with these products.
Creativity is an expression of my heart, it needs to be nourished, for me it’s my zen.  I need to focus on this for my health and I hope you enjoy the new ‘me.


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