Saturday, August 31, 2013

'Poster Tidings' September Stamp of the Month Blog Hop

Today is so freaking awful!  I get up and we have no phone or internet service the line is dead coming into the house yet again this happened just 2 weeks ago on the 14th.  Verizon tells me that they'll be by on Thursday the 5th.  What??? are they kidding there are three of us in the house and two have health issues by the time we got to a cell phone answered all the stupid question our local 911 center asks someone would be in life threatening condition.

So I'm at my local McDonalds using their WI-Fi and I'm freaking out since I'm not sure who belongs  in front of me or is next on the hop!   Finally I got a trail version of Excel to work...the notepad option didn't have any info.

September stamp of the month POSTER TIDINGS 

Okay enough about my issues.  If you've come from Jen's  blog your on the right path.  Our stamp this month features a popular trend with subway art very cool in my opinion.

Sorry I 'm so freaked about using an unsecured network that I'll add descriptions when mine is fixed.

Now hop on over to Haley's blog to see what she made with Poster Tidings.

Create from the Heart,


  1. Very fun cards! Really like the colors that you chose.

  2. Cute cards! I really like the one with all the banners.

  3. Love the color combo! Very pretty cards!


Thanks for the Love!

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