Thursday, June 13, 2013


Time really does slip away and with all the things, ie 'issues' that keep popping up I find that I have no time what so ever to really sit and create.  It's a struggle with my health and now other things that are being left in my lap that scare the hell out of me. 

I really had and DO have a vision for this blog.  I wanted to share what I consider going beyond the paper or page.  I wanted to share the process and the result whether it was a result I was willing to keep or not.  AND that is a whole new paragraph in itself.  But it is what I want for this space.  I find my self going really it's time to get together another item for the hop?  What, it's hop time again?  Where the freak did my month go?   Where did I put that stamp set?  Why are my albums not here, crap I need to order!  Okay now what did I want to do with this blog?  Now you see what my mind like or actually just a tiny glimpse.

My other issue is that I'm a PERFECTIONIST.  Yes, I do not play well with crooked lines or wonky angles.  I constantly measure, re-do, peel, rip, stomp, cry, throw and start projects over and wonky angle that will not peel and it's to the junk pile!  Luckily I'm good when it comes to spacial placement via eyeball, but I will be able to tell you if the thing is 1/32nd off and that is my issue.  I'm currently fighting with my Fiskar's trimmer and have decide that it cuts imperfectly, which it does stupid wire. Rulers, did I mention I have rulers and grids everywhere?  I love, love quilter mats and I have them on my work areas.  I've gone back to the rotatory blade cutter and it's fine no issue, but how dumb is that to have a paper trimmer that cuts wonky? Should of stuck with the Cutterpede....I wonder what I did do with that? 

Finally my last issue is that I'm a slob, yes I admit it I hate to clean up.  And that goes back to the perfectionist thing.  Everything needs to have it's own special space and it needs to go back on the order it was taken, but by the time I clean I have no idea where that order is or whether it even exists.  So why bother cleaning that's the slob thing again.  I've decide that it's because I'm an only child.  Yes, that's it, good excuse it's always worked in the past.  When you the only one you get to be everything you're the oldest, middle, and youngest all wrapped up in one big shiny red bow and dam that's not a lot of pressure, well it is, but we won't talk about it, and to top it off I was raised by a type A personality and if you need to look that up do so.  WOW type A's are a fun bunch. They have omniscient powers and they see everything, so try to convince that person you did not eat the last cookie or put that cup there.  Good Luck!  I learned to just admit I did it whether I remember I did it or not.  I assume I did do it unless those dam neighborhood kids did it, but that's another story. SO in the long run I'm a type A personality, but my mind has not convinced my body, so now what was I supposed to do with this blog?  That's right I better go find that stamp, now wait do I have it, crap what day is this, okay I do have it, no wait that's April's I need July, July? It's July?  Dam It I need to clean up!

Create from the Heart,

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